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At Apollo Landscaping Supplies, we know all sorts of tips and tricks that will make the most of your outside space and create a truly wonderful landscape for you to enjoy. No matter what size of space you have, there are always ways to maximise this to your advantage, making it both functional and attractive. Whether you want to highlight the best features of your garden, or would rather draw attention away from less desirable areas, we can help you to create a garden you can truly be proud of.

Our landscaping tips and tricks:

  • Make your garden looks more spacious by planting a small number of different species, minimising colour variations to trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it is. You can also place a few small objects around the garden.

  • Why not add a split level to your outside space, as this can draw attention away from other areas while making a small garden appear larger.

  • A long yard can be transformed into a more exciting and seemingly spacious area by breaking up the length with screens (trellis, plantings) or planting raised garden beds that jut into the space. 

  • Add depth to a shorter yard by placing focal points at the centre of the space, like a garden ornament or fountain.

  • Directing the eye to the furthest point of a triangular or irregular yard will give a feeling of depth. 

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